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Re: [MacPerl] FAQ please

	I'm back!

	The macperl preferences lead me to "Other" settings where a button
would launch internet config. However, it launched Internet
configuration control panel, which did not have any helper setting.
Starting Internet Config 1.4 let me set the editor. Question 1, why did
I get the control panel and not the application and they seem to be
setting different preferences.

	A neighbor is using Gossamer-threads( 
)links program on his ISP(unix). He uses and builds his site on Macs. I
was trying to look into a problem he was having the ISP cutting him off for
excessive cpu time. I though I would try to see how MacPerl would handle
it. The first problem I ran into was that the cgi scripts were longer
than the MacPerl editor and SimpleText would handle, i.e. BBEdit. I can
syntax check the cgi but I can't save it as a CGI since it is not in a
MacPerl editor window. Question 2, is how do I save something that is
bigger than MacPerl can handle?

Donald Huebschman

p.s.	The email cgi crashes MacPerl for memory every time I have tried it.

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