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RE: [MacPerl] MPW - how many use?

         Reply to:   RE: [MacPerl] MPW - how many use?

Peta Adams / John Murray wrote:
>How many of you use MPW for your Macperl activities?
>Regards ... John

Here at Pindar in York we have a whole room (5 of us) of programmers who have been using MPW for text processing since about 1991. In the early days we did it with MPW Shell Scripts and custom written C programs. Later we worked out how to use StreamEdit and a (GNU?) port of awk. We were very happy when we got Perl!

We do huge amounts of text processing with MPW Perl. Some of us use MPW to edit the Perl scripts, others use BBEdit. I like the syntax colouring of BBEdit, and I must admit I do my syntax checking from BBEdit with MacPerl application.


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