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Re: [MacPerl] Finding files on disk

At 13.55 -0400 1999.06.10, Troy_Davis wrote:
>This should do it, Robert.
>#!perl -w
>require "FindFolder.pl";
>use MacPerl;
># &MacPerl'FindFolder($foldertype [, $create])
># Where $type is one of:
># A[pple menu]

>print "Prefs folder is " . MacPerl::FindFolder(P) . "\n";

Mac::Files has the New and Improved version.

    use Mac::Files;
    $sf = FindFolder(kOnSystemDisk, typeSystemFolder);

But this only works with a handful (well, in Mac OS 8, a big handful) of
cases for a generic "find file x", whatever "x" is.

If Sherlock had better scripting capabilities, you could use it to do
searching, too.

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