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Re: [MacPerl] A little help please

|I'm ony interested in the unknowns with last names. As you can see, it will
|work at the command line but when I run it through a browser it will only
|print the htmlheader. What am I doing wrong?
|		open(OUTFILE,">will4.txt") || die("Cannot open will3.txt");

If I had to guess, I'd say this is failing. Remember that when you run a
CGI script, it's running with a different environment and different user
and group ids than when you run it from the command line. So I suspect
whatever user the CGI is running as doesn't have permission to create
will4.txt so the script is dieing. Check your server's error log and you
should see the die text. If not, it's something else. If it isn't the open
failing, you can put warns (or carps if you're so inclined, but my scripts
smell bad enough as is :-)) in your script. Web servers redirect stderr to
the error log, so the text of warns will end up there.


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