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[MacPerl] Perl in the workplace


I am currently learning perl so I con't have any complicated questions
yet, I just wanted to get some general information about platforms.

I just started a new job, my first programming job.  I was given a Linux
machine in my cubicle.  There's a bunch of Sun and Solaris workstations
around, a couple PC's, and a Mac.  My platform of choice is the Mac, but
apparently no one there even knows anything about the networking
capabilities of the mac they have.  I showed the guy that works on it
how to use the chooser to navigate the servers.  He didn't even know
what it was for.  I'm worried that I will learn all this stuff about the
job and gain all this knowledge and not be able to do it all on macs. 
The people at work refer to it as a pretty text editor.

How do you suppose I can go about learning the stuff on macs?  They have
told me that if I ever want to work from home, the company will get me a
machine for just that purpose.  I'd love to have a new high-powered mac
at home, but I'm going to have to prove to them that I know how to do
the job on a mac or else I'll have to get a different machine.

My job involves perl programming, database work, server & website
up-keep, html, java, C++, UNIX, and SQL.

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of doing this work on a mac vs.
Linux/Sun/Solaris/PC machine or tips on what software will enable me to
even do my work on a mac?


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