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Re: [MacPerl] Perl in the workplace

If you are more comfortable with the Mac GUI, then you will spend less
time trouble-shooting, breaking, and fumbling.

Your C++, HTML and Java are going to end up where in the end?  I admin  a
linux webserver.  All my Perl, html, etc. ends up on that box, but I use
Alpha (shareware editor), MacPerl (mainly for shuck and help since Alpha
is a better editor), Transmit,  and I have apache/mod_perl/ePerl on the
linux box.

If you just want the Mac for home access, all it sounds like you need is a
good text editor (BBEdit 5.x or Alpha), a knowledge or paltform
peculiariities, and telnet (I like BetterTelnet myself).

I even do pretty much all of my work from Zipdisks and hop from Mac to Mac
in the labs at school.  The server sits on my desk.  It's an old P-100 so
I just let it serve and don't bother it much otherwise.


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