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Re: [MacPerl] database connectivity....at last!

At 11.25 -0400 1999.06.14, Adam Witney wrote:
>just wanted to say thanks to those that helped me with the Proxy
>questions... i have now managed to get it running such that my MacPerl
>scripts can access and query a Sybase database running on a Linux box
>through DBI and DBD:Proxy.
>upgrading to chris's recent port of DBI (v1.08) seemed to make the difference!
>if anyone is interested i would happy to pass on the steps required.

I think that would be a very excellent thing to have.  You could put it on
a web page, or if you don't have one, I can post it on pudge.net.  Not only
will this help people who need to do it, but it will help if there are any
bugs or problems that need to be fixed that you worked around (like in
Syslog) so they can be fixed for future releases.

Chris Nandor          mailto:pudge@pobox.com         http://pudge.net/
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