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[MacPerl] Need a Program

Hello All,

Well I knew this day would come. I actually need MacPerl for a Mac 
project (as opposed to a Perl project that is prototyped using MacPerl, 
but ends up in a Unix box) and I left THE book at home. Anyway, I need 
your help.

I need two scripts (or one that does two things). I want it to traverse a 
whole hard drive or AppleShare server and then tell me how many documents 
of type 'X' there are.  It would look something like this:

     Admin Document Summary

Document Type       Quantity
-------------       --------
MS Word 5.1          17,682
MS Word 98            2,640
MS Excel 4.0            389
FileMaker Pro            42

Nothing fancy, or not too difficult (I hope).

Second, the full path name of all FileMaker Pro Documents on any given 
hard drive or AppleShare server.

     Admin FileMaker Pro List

Admin:Admin:FY 99:Vendor List
Admin:ETPC Folder:Bob's Stuff:FY 99:IR Clients

I hope someone has done something similar and can share their program 
with me. Tonight I promise to put MPPE in my briefcase, where it belongs. 

Thank you for your time and help


NOVA Private Industry Council                 505 W. Olive Ave. Suite 550 
Elton Hughes (Information Technology)                  Sunnyvale CA 94086 
Phone: 408-730-7235                                     Fax: 408-730-7643 

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