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Re: [MacPerl] database connectivity....at last!

At 15:08 -0400 6/14/1999, Adam Witney wrote:
DBD::Sybase.pm (in this case, but i would imagine it will work with other

At the risk of taking this a bit off topic, let me ask what DBI and DBD actually stand for? In the Perl Cookbook, they are described as Database Interface and Database Driver, respectively (p. 508), and it seems like there's a similar description in the ever popular MPPE (my son swiped my copy of the latter, so I can't look at the moment).

So far, so good, but as some of you may know there's a new book on MySQL/mSQL coming out next month and a "beta" chapter about using Perl with this stuff is online at http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/msql/chapter/ch10-beta.html. In that, the authors say

"DBD/DBI stands for 'DataBase Dependent/DataBase Independent'."

Maybe I'm nitpicking, but this doesn't sound right and leads me to wonder what else is in the book that may be of dubious authority. I was going to jump them about this on the reader comments page, but thought it would be prudent to run this by you guys to see if the authors are as wrong as I suspect.

I am starting to use MySQL and really hope that this will be a good book, but this has me a little leery. So what do you guys think?

Richard Gordon
Gordon Consulting & Design
Database Design/Scripting Languages