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Re: [MacPerl] database connectivity....at last!

At 18:16 -0400 6/14/1999, Chris Nandor wrote:
>It looks wrong to me, but I would not judge the whole book by this.  It is
>a beta chapter, too.

I know I'm being picky, but it struck me as odd and since Perl seems 
to treated as a religion by some practitioners, a bit heretical on 
top of that. I've become somewhat cautious about these things since 
you'll recall that I'm the one who bought "Using Perl 5 For Internet 
Programming" only to discover that a lot of the code listings were 
munged beyond description by the publisher's markup software. "Hose 
me once, shame on you; hose me twice, shame on me."

Richard Gordon
Gordon Consulting & Design
Database Design/Scripting Languages

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