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[MacPerl] Language comparisons

I wanted to gather some opinions on the following topic.  I got into a 
discussion with a co-worker on the strengths of the different programming 
languages.  I just don't see why Java is getting all of the attention it 
is getting.  Won't perl do everything that java will do and more and just 
as fast or faster.  My co-worker's feeling is that the main advantage to 
java is that fact that 
it is compiled.  Well, so is perl.  The java I have seen just looks like 
any other scripting langauge, nothing spectacular.  Of course I haven't 
studied in in depth either.  In another job function, we used TCL which 
is great for controlling pieces of equipment through the GEM interfaces.  
Next thing I hear is someone saying that AMD is using Java for the same 
purpose.  Is all this Java stuff just hype because it is the new kid on 
the block?  Or is it really that good?

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