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[MacPerl] macperl

I'm trying to use an example in a book I bought, but can't get the 
parsing script to find the html file.

Using html file "form_pl.htm" to initiate, cgi "form.pl" which also uses
a subroutine of form.pl and parsehtm.pl

The author says that the script needs access to the raw html file
"form_pl.htm" inorder to parse  and return it. Therefore, you need to
put "form_pl.htm" and "f2_pl.htm" where "form.pl" can find them.

When I try the script I get a blank page. It seems to be accessing the
script, but I don't think it's finding the html file "f2_pl.htm".

The perl files are in cgi-bin and the html files are one level up in a
folder "test".
My host only alows me to put perl files in the cgi-bin.

How do I get the form.pl" script to return the goods to "f2_pl.htm"?

here is the "form.pl" script:

require "parsehtm.pl";

sub formHandler
 = @_;


    $tagDict{"METHOD"} = "POST";
    $tagDict{"ACTION"} = "form.pl";

    $retVal = &stringForTagDict(%tagDict);

    return $retVal

$handlerDict{"FORM"} = "formHandler";

$output = &parseHtml("f2_pl.htm");

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print $output;


thanks for input,
ken towry
austin, texas

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