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Re: [MacPerl] BBEdit 5.1/MacPerl

As a suggestion, for those using BBEdit and MacPerl, I recommend that you
_uncheck_ the MacPerl preference "Check for #! line".

Otherwise, if you attempt to run (from BBEdit) a MacPerl script that is
_missing_ the #! line, things will go away for a very long time.

The problem is that MacPerl puts up a dialog (are you sure this is a
script? It doesn't look like a script), but BBEdit doesn't get the dialog,
and neither do you. BBEdit waits patiently for MacPerl to finish. MacPerl
waits patiently for the user. The user waits patiently for BBEdit... and
the watch cursor spins.

Sometimes I have been able to break out to MacPerl and quit the dialog.
Sometimes I haven't. Sometimes I have been able to quit BBEdit. Sometimes I

Sometimes I've given up and rebooted my Mac :-(

When the "Check for #! line" box isn't checked in MacPerl, everything runs

Caveat programmer.
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