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Re: [MacPerl] BBEdit 5.1/MacPerl

The BBEdit guys need to know about this. FWIW, there's a simple 
AppleEvent parameter that you can make that will tell MacPerl not to go 
flashing this dialog box, even if the option is enabled. I know this 
because I did it in the SuperMacPerl project I mentioned earlier today.


>As a suggestion, for those using BBEdit and MacPerl, I recommend that you
>_uncheck_ the MacPerl preference "Check for #! line".
>Otherwise, if you attempt to run (from BBEdit) a MacPerl script that is
>_missing_ the #! line, things will go away for a very long time.
>The problem is that MacPerl puts up a dialog (are you sure this is a
>script? It doesn't look like a script), but BBEdit doesn't get the dialog,
>and neither do you. BBEdit waits patiently for MacPerl to finish. MacPerl
>waits patiently for the user. The user waits patiently for BBEdit... and
>the watch cursor spins.
>Sometimes I have been able to break out to MacPerl and quit the dialog.
>Sometimes I haven't. Sometimes I have been able to quit BBEdit. Sometimes I
>Sometimes I've given up and rebooted my Mac :-(
>When the "Check for #! line" box isn't checked in MacPerl, everything runs
>Caveat programmer.

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