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Re: [MacPerl] BBEdit 5.1/MacPerl

On 6/15/99 at 3:55 PM, C++ <chilton@tca.net> wrote:

> The BBEdit guys need to know about this.

The "BBEdit guy" who did the perl integration knows about this.

In all other situations where you think we should know about something
don't hesitate to send it to <support@barebones.com>.  I happen to be
currently subscribed to this list AND read your message, but this list
is no substitute for direct communication with us.

> FWIW, there's a simple AppleEvent parameter that you can make that
> will tell MacPerl not to go flashing this dialog box, even if the
> option is enabled. I know this because I did it in the SuperMacPerl
> project I mentioned earlier today.

Until you have the source code to BBEdit please don't presume to know
how my code works.  At present BBEdit doesn't supply this optional
parameter to the apple event.  Future versions may, but at present, it
doesn't make a bit of difference because MacPerl is broken with respect
to this optional parameter and doing the extraction.  If you send a Do
Script event, and the preference is set, and the direct object is a file
specification (not the text of the script to execute), MacPerl will
display a modal dialog in the background effectively locking up the
machine for kAEDefaultTimeout.  BBEdit checks for Command-. in it's ae
idle proc, so you should be able to cancel out of the apple event.

FWIW, the situation isn't nearly as simple as you presumed it to be.

I have reported this to Matthias before (I'm pretty sure) and will do so
again just in case my memory isn't completely accurate.


Jim Correia                                Bare Bones Software, Inc.
correia@barebones.com                     <http://web.barebones.com>

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