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Re: [MacPerl] BBEdit 5.1/MacPerl

In article <199906152057.PAA21721@newman.myriad.net>, C++ <chilton@tca.net> writes:
> The BBEdit guys need to know about this. FWIW, there's a simple 
> AppleEvent parameter that you can make that will tell MacPerl not to go 
> flashing this dialog box, even if the option is enabled. I know this 
> because I did it in the SuperMacPerl project I mentioned earlier today.

 - the BBEdit guys *know* about this.
 - the problem is my fault because I'm not checking that AE parameter for
   every dialog.
 - much to my regret, I had to decide against putting out a bugfix release for
   this problem (life is too short, and I'm pursing larger projects for


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