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Re: [MacPerl] BBEdit 5.1/MacPerl

At 18.02 -0400 1999.06.15, Vicki Brown wrote:
>The BBEdit guys do know.  They say it's MacPerl's problem (a background app
>should never put up a modal dialog and hang). Matthias agrees with the

Yeah, it should never do that unless kAECanInteract and kAECanSwitchLayer
are set, in which case MacPerl would switch to the front if necessary.  I

Regardless, under Mac OS 8.5, you should be able to do a cmd-tab to switch
from BBEdit to get to MacPerl.  I use a cdev called LiteSwitch that is a
more fully-featured (but still lightweight) process-switcher, and I never
have problems switching to MacPerl from BBEdit when I forget to put a
#!perl at the top.

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