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[MacPerl] MacPerl running on HFS+?

I have a WebStar 3.0.2 server running on a new Blue & White G3 Server Mac -
I'm using MacOS 8.6, and I'm using MacPerl 5.2.0r4 running from an HFS+
volume (the startup disk is also HFS+). I'm getting lots of intermittent
crashes, which seem to be occuring when a cgi script runs - not just one
particular script, any script and also sometimes they run fine without
crashing. I've increased the memory partition of my bigger scripts, but I
still get the crashes.

I had the same configuration set up previously on a 6100, non-HFS+ (using
8.5.1 though), and no problems.

Could this be an HFS+ problem? I'm trying to track down the cause - I have
already checked all disks with First Aid, and updated with all the updates
Firmware etc from the Apple Site.

I've had so many problems that I decided to shut down the web server for a
little while and partition the disk and run MacPerl from a non-HFS+
partition to see if it helped. I'm waiting to see the results, but in the
meantime I wondered if anyone else has encountered a similar problem?


Vanessa Gregory
SoftPress Systems

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