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Re: [MacPerl] sorting arrays

On Thu, Jun 17, 1999 at 01:03:48AM -0400, Richard Gordon wrote:
} <RANT>
} In fact, that's the central problem with Java and its growing 
} reputation as a black hole as far as I can discern. It is slow as mud 
} and doesn't do anything that couldn't be done faster in another way, 
} but companies have spent  millions, if not billions, on one stillborn 
} project after another. Is there really anything that you could do 
} with Java that couldn't be done better (and more crudely in a sense) 
} on the server side in Perl or Python and on the client side in 
} Javascript? My ultimate point is K.I.S.S. and whoever pays the bills 
} will be grinning once things are running.

Yeah, sure, write secure code.  Java has a well thought out security
model.  Perl does if you turn on taint checking.  I don't know about
Python.  Javascript does not. (Netscape was very clever about the
name, riding off the Java hype with the name, but of course it has
nothing to do with Java.)  For that reason, if you do something clever
in Java I might actually turn Java on in my browser (if it isn't on
already; I never worry about it except for speed reasons).  I'll never
see your clever Javascript, because I *never* turn Javascript on.

And if you're into religious stuff like OBJECT ORIENTED!!! or NO
POINTERS!!!, Java will appeal.  Personally I have a copy of Arnold and
Gosling (first edition, which means it's obsolete I guess; ahh, well,
it'll look nice next to my first edition K&R), but I've never had the
need to learn Java.

} </RANT>
} Richard Gordon
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Paul Schinder

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