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Re: [MacPerl] [OFF] sorting arrays

Hello again Richard

Richard Gordon wrote:

> At 09:10 -0500 6/18/1999, Robert Pollard wrote:
> >The statement you made about Java indicates you aren't a fan of Java :-)  So,
> >knowing what little I have told you about my circumstance and my reasoning for
> >deciding on Java instead of MacPerl, what is your opinion of my direction?
> >
> >I appreciate any information you can give me concerning MacPerl's capabilities
> >that would rival or exceed Java's.
> Hello Robert
> My problem with Java is that I have yet to see it run on any hardware
> other than high end Sun stuff where it could be described as fast.
> Then again, I haven't poked around with it much lately and people
> keep telling me that it can be optimized for a particular application
> so that it preforms quite well. My last attempt to get interested in

The latest news I have is the new beta release of Java, 2.0 is twice the speed of
the current release.

> it was when I was evaluating the Cloudscape SQL database system and,

I haven't heard of this database.  I have looked at a product called c-tree Plus
from Faircom that runs on Mac, Unix and Windows platforms.  There is another
product called OOFILE that is a C++ based set of objects that interfaces to c-tree
Plus.  The guy I talked to said it is running a database for an ISP that currently
has 17 million records and is still going strong.  Do you think Cloudscape SQL
could scale like this?  Does it run on Unix?  Where do I get information on it?  I
am looking for a replacement for Oracle.  They are way to pricey.  I do need
scalability and reliability and so far Oracle hasn't failed us.

> at least on a Mac, this barely ran at all.
> I think that your general impressions about MacPerl (and Perl) are
> correct- it's great for a lot of utility work and for web server
> stuff. It is not appropriate for a distributed application because
> it's wide open to tinkering by end users and I think that you are
> fighting with yourself if you try to use it with a GUI (other than a
> web browser, maybe). Python is probably a better choice than Perl

I will check this out.  Thanks!

> because it can be byte code compiled and because it offers tkinter on
> the Mac while MacPerl doesn't. I don't know for a fact that it will
> work on a Mac but there is some Oracle stuff available for Python
> (http://www.python.org/download/Contributed.html#Database ). It is
> also available as JPython if you prefer a Java implementation
> (www.jpython.org).
> I'm not sure what the solution for the Mac vs. Oracle problem really
> is and maybe Java is as good as anything else, but it seems to me
> that the real answer is for Oracle to quit screwing around offer some
> meaningful Mac support.

I agree wholeheartedly.  With Larry Ellison on the board, you'd think his company
would support Apple at least a little???

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