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Re: [MacPerl] macweblint 1.020.1

At 16.00 -0400 1999.06.20, Heath Tanner wrote:
>For a related project, integrating macweblint with Userland's Frontier
>(<http://frontier.userland.com>), I'm also trying to call macweblint
>through apple events by embedding the script in an Applescript.
>Though I can get this method to work for other scripts, I can't get it to
>work with macweblint. Though it is actually successful in calling the
>script at times, it always receives an error in reply. I can compile the
>script embedded in Applescript, but I can't call it without an error.
>BBEdit (with the MacPerl plug-ins), however, *can* run macweblint through
>apple events.
>Are there any issues I should be aware of? Does anyone know what I can't
>call this script embedded in Applescript? Any assistance would be greatly

Hard to tell from your description.  What was the error, for instance?  If
not too long, what was the text of the AppleScript (try to get a
five-or-so-line test script)?

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