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[MacPerl] Porting LinkLint?

Someone mentioned WebLint ... one nice link checking tool is Linklint -
very cool tool in perl. The code hasn't changed in a while - but it
works well.

I sub'd to this list because on the BBEdit lists folks are always
talking about MacPerl and AppleScripts to do lots of different stuff.
With the latest version of BBEdit the MacPerl integration is prominent.

QUESTION (finally!)

How do I make this script (Linklint) work on my Mac?
  TIA for any assistance:

 Joe Crawford { ArtLung } _________ mailto:joe@artlung.com
 Web Designer + Integrator ________ http://www.artlung.com
 Respiratory Therapist (Ret.) _____ San Diego  . CA .  USA
 San Diego WWW'er? See http://www.artlung.com/websandiego/

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