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Re: [MacPerl] Date::Calc module??

At 14:24 -0300 25/05/1999, Jason Powell wrote:
>Hi, relatively new to Perl on a Mac (some experience on UNIX and
>PCs). How do I install a CPAN module (specifically the Date::Calc
>Any advice or pointers in the proper direction would be appreciated...
>Jason Powell
>MIS (Web)
>Sobeys Canada Inc.
>902-752-8371 x.4313
I've been playing with compiling this module's XS extension under CFM68K as
an exercise.

Extensions that have already been ported by the MacPerl Module Porters are
listed and are available through http://pudge.net/cgi-bin/mmp.plx . I don't
see Date:Calc listed yet but perhaps no-one has asked.

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Larry Moore and Shirley Allan
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Fergus ON Canada

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