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Re: [MacPerl] How To Book

At 07:57 -0500 6/22/1999, ken towry wrote:
Thanks Alan,
I'll play with your to die for lines and see if I can get it working.
I went through one book with out any hitches but ran into problems right out of the box with this book and can't even get going till I get this solved so I really appreciate your help!

I've never seen the book that you are wrestling with, but am somewhat curious about what these scripts are supposed to be doing. There seems to be a little bit of everything going on in them and it's hard to imagine why you would have to work that hard just to parse some form data and then do something with it. If you have a moment to outline the author's explanation of what the object of this is, I suspect that somebody here could point you at a much less convoluted way of going about it.

Also, be sure to use the -w switch (e.g. #!/usr/bin/perl -w) and to run a syntax check in MacPerl before you try to get this stuff to run on the server. Checking the code you originally posted for parsehtm.pl generated 2 syntax errors so that's not going to run under any circumstances until those are fixed.

BTW, Eudora is picking up whatever font you are using as Hell's Programmer. If you wouldn't mind switching to something a little more email-ish, I'd appreciate it. :-]

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