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[MacPerl] RE: [MacPerl-Modules] Mac::Glue problem

At 19.28 -0400 1999.06.22, Muggli, Ricardo T. (CCC) wrote:
>Sorry if this is covered int the new Mac::Glue 0.31. I didn't get a chance
>to grab it yet.

No problem.

>I added the following to the gluescriptadds and made adjustments for
>gluedialect I think the < should be > or how I have it below:
>use Mac::Gestalt;if (!@ARGV) {    $ARGV[0] =
>$Gestalt{gestaltSystemVersion()} < hex(800)        ?
>FindFolder(kOnSystemDisk, kExtensionFolderType) .            ":Scripting
>Additions"        : FindFolder(kOnSystemDisk, 'Éscr');}

Oh, I think you're right (well, close, it should be ">=").  Darnit, and I
did not even test it when I put it in.  Also, I forgot to add in use

So all you users out there, add "use Mac::Gestalt" to gluescriptadds and
gluedialect, and change "< hex(800)" to ">= hex(800)" in those, too.  Will
be fixed next release.

>This worked for all of the following systems. I also listed the
>gestaltSystemVersion and path to the scripting additions.
>sys.ver.	stalt	scripting additions
>7.5.3R2	1875	System:Extensions:Scripting Additions:
>7.5.5		1877	System:Extensions:Scripting Additions:
>7.6.1		1889	System:Extensions:Scripting Additions:
>8.1		2064	System:Scripting Additions:
>8.5.1		2129	System:Scripting Additions:
>8.6		2144	System:Scripting Additions:

Great, so we are covered back 7.5.3, which is good enough for me.

>the dialects folder is always withing the Scripting Additions folder


>	>>Also when I dropped QuarkXPress3.3 on gluemac I get the following
>	>>28 times:# Invalid conversion in sprintf: "%)".File '10:MacPerl
>	>>Š:site_perl:Mac:AETE:Format:Glue.pm'; Line 122
>	>Argh.  Here is a fix:
>This seemed to work.
>Thanks a lot,

Thank you!  And this fix is in the 0.31 version.

I won't get a new version out with the fixed droplets for a bit (I am away
for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow).  So everyone, fix your own as
above.  :)

Chris Nandor          mailto:pudge@pobox.com         http://pudge.net/
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