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[MacPerl] Learning

I know it may seem as if i'm just copying the scripts from the CD or 
book, and i am, in a process to learn perl as well as studying the
I've got a chalkboard above me i'm writing important stuff on and doing
the best i can to retain the information i'm learning. I'm just learning
so much, so fast. I want to learn this, I really do!
So far, I love Perl!
I'm just really hung up on this script.
The author says I need it for a lot of the book, and i don't know any

Everyday I wish I had taken it up 15 years ago instead of PhotoShop,
FreeHand, Quark, Illustrator, etc...
well, maybe not PhotoShop

I hope the text format on the whopper file i sent is better for you.

Thanks All,
ken t.

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