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[MacPerl] How To Perl

I sent the last two emails plain text, did that not straiten it up? If
not I'm sorry! Please let me know, I don't want to be like Richard said
a "Hell's Programmer".

After being discouraged @ this book I went down to the book store to see
if I could find another book. There was the other "How To CGI" book you
have by the same authors. They are very similar. Thank you very much for
sending me the code you have that works. I can't wait to to play with

The Text::Template of Chris's sounds very interesting, I'll study it

I will keep studying the code you sent and try to implement it. It makes
sense, I just couldn't get it to work with this script for some reason.
I know it's my fault, i'm green, but trying to learn very hard.

I hope this email explains what's going on. It seems to me that this
script is a convoluted way of getting things done (very large and busy
script) but, I just don't know any better, but trying.

The reason I bought this 1000 page book is primarily because I wanted to
be able to call/run scripts from within an HTML/DHTML document and
replace a form within that document at will.
I thought by studying this book, it would help me understand the
principals involved so I could then write my own scripts to interact
with my HTML/DHTML forms.
I know graphic design very well. I know HTML/DHTML fair (2 years).
I don't know Perl very well at all, although that's all I've been
working on learning for the last 3 months. I could not build the fancy
forms I want in Perl so I thought I might be able to call scripts from
the html and then replace certain information within the html doc.
My first Perl book didn't go into this at all. But I've seen it done.
Am I going down the wrong road?
I didn't think I would ever get into Perl, but I did, and it's very
cool. I want to learn this, very much. I seem to have no other desire as
strong, this is probably the Perl way.

Thanks All!
ken t.

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