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Re: [MacPerl] OT: Printing Many Files

Matt Henderson writes 23 June 1999

>Do any of you know of a way to print an entire project of source BBEdit files
>automatically-- i.e. I'd like to point *something* (Perl script, AppleScript,
>BBEdit function, ...) to a project directory, and have all text files (even in
>subdirectories) printed automatically, without bringing up the print dialog

I believe an AppleScript along the lines:
    tell application "Finder"
        print contents of folder "full:path:to:folder"
    end tell
will do just what you want without any dialogs coming up.

To go recursively through all the sub-folders in the folder, you can either
do this in AppleScript printing files as you go, or, fish out the
sub-folders with Perl and send each one in turn to AppleScript for

Alan Fry

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