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[MacPerl] The other MacPerl mailing lists

I am reminded that not everyone knows about this :-)

We have other lists. The "main" MacPerl list is for general discussion; the
others are more specialized:

The Lists

 macperl@macperl.org                     MacPerl, per se
 macperl-announce@macperl.org            Announcements only
 macperl-anyperl@macperl.org             Cross-platform Perl (Mac, Unix,
 macperl-forum@macperl.org               Open Forum: Perl, Mac, Apple, ...
 macperl-modules@macperl.org             MacPerl modules - porting and
 macperl-porters@macperl.org             Issues in porting Perl to the Mac
 macperl-toolbox@macperl.org             Macintosh ToolBox-specific
 macperl-webcgi@macperl.org              CGI scripts, WWW applications, etc.

To subscribe to any macperl list, send mail to the -request address, formed
by stuffing the string -request before the @macper.org part, as, e.g.

where the BODY of your message is the word

-OR- use the web form under http://www.macperl.org/depts/mlists.html

All lists except macperl-announce also have digest forms (when subscribing,
the -digest part goes _before_ -request when forming the address,  e.g.

Anyone who is subscribed to _any_ of the MacPerl lists may _post_ to any of
the others but you need to subscribe to _receive_ list mail. To post to a
list, leave out the -request part!!!!!

Only registered subscribers (to one or more lists) may post. If you have an
"alternate" posting address (e.g. your work address) you may send it to me
and I'll add it to the "legal alternate addresses" file.

There is a "pseudo" list called macperl-all which is made up of a
combination of all addresses for all other lists. macperl-all is NOT a real
list; it's just a convenient fiction. If you want to un/subscribe to
multiple lists you have to do them one at a time.

- Vicki
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===== Want to unsubscribe from this list?
===== Send mail with body "unsubscribe" to macperl-request@macperl.org