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Re: [MacPerl] [Macperl] How to access C/C++ routines..

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, Velasquez, Carlos wrote:

> Y'all,
> Anyone know how to call C/C++ API routines? I have some 3rd party API's
> (already compiled) that I would like to interface via MacPerl. What modules
> exists that I could use?
> Carlos
You have 2 choices - both pretty much require the header files for the
libraries in question. Either run h2xs on the headers, and end up with XS
code that is then compiled and linked with the libraries, to produce a
shared library for perl, or use SWIG.

Since you mention C++, I'd recommend SWIG. Not that h2xs can't handle some
C++, though.

It's difficult to say more about it without seeing the C/C++ API and
knowing how you might want to call it from Perl.

You'll note that I haven't mentioned platform. You can do all of the above
on MacOS for MacPerl. It's somewhat easier on Unix. :-)


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