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Re: [MacPerl] sprintf cheat sheet

Steve Swantz wrote:

> ... I thought it
> would be nice to have something the camel and llama both lack - a short list
> of commonly used sprintf examples for those of us "man page impaired" types
> who learn the rules from examples much faster than from the man pages.
> .....
> Now that my knowledge is exhausted, does anyone know of such a list, or do
> we need to assign a volunteer?
> Steve Swantz
> sneakers@nwaalpa.org

You are right: We should improve our teaching material--but not only about
sprinf! By this occasion I want to thank Larry, Tom, Randal, Nathan ... for
their excellent books!!

What we can do: Collect all those tiny scripts and examples into one database;
so one can look up: "sprintf" or "date" or "Y3kproblem" or one can do a
fulltext search. I have collected 50-100 examples that would have been too tiny
for the Cookbook.

Everybody should collect his stuff; within this millenium hopefully I will be
able to contribute a database in the Net. For the time being I have constructed
a Filemaker database (offline) that is able to link to MacPerl via AppleScript
(up to a certain degree instead of BBEdit).

Detlef Lindenthal, Netzwerkstatt <detlef@lindenthal.com>

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