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Re: [MacPerl-Modules] cpan-mac won't install XML::Parser::Expat?

On Wed, Jul 21, 1999 at 02:42:43PM -0700, Rudi Sherry wrote:
} I'm a newbie with Perl and MacPerl, and I'm trying to make a Perl script
} that parses XML.  I'm using MacPerl 5.1 on a Mac 7300/180 with System 8.5.1.
} I'm using cpan-mac (1.50) to install XML-Parser (2.24) from the CPAN.  This
} installs the module XML::Parser, which needs the module XML::Parser::Expat.

It's broken.  Don't use 2.24.  The last working version is 2.23.

But your real problem is that XML::Parser requires a C compiler and
the knowledge of how to build "XS" modules for MacPerl.  If you don't
one or the other of these, you shouldn't install XML::Parser direct
from CPAN, at least not from the author's directory.  That's why
you're having the problems you describe below.

But you're in luck, since Arved Sandstrom has built 2.23 for MacPerl
and made it available in a format where you can install it and it will
work.  You can find it in his CPAN directory,

} Can anyone shed any light on this?
} Rudi
} Rudi Sherry
} 487 South 21 Street
} San Jose, CA   95116
} +1 408 993 1235
} rudi_sherry@loftsoft.com

Paul Schinder

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