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Re: [MacPerl] Perl Shared Library (was Re: [MacPerl] ports andbuilds)

Vicki Brown writes:
 > ...
 > As regards "just run perl under Mac OS X; it's Unix, after all", I
 > understand that the answer to this is likely to be "Well, not really".  Or
 > as I've been told, the motto in the halls of the OS X development team is
 > "Do not think that this is Unix. It's not".

Mac OS will never, ever, be like unix. Unlike a clamorous Wall; Jobs has 
a working brain. When one day Mac OS is unix-like, then I'll take
 an axe and chop my head in two.

I just want to make a few things clear to those who are intimidated by unix,
and those kids out there who are being railed onto the unix (Linux) dope:
unix is a fantastic pile of patches and viruses that results from
decades of brainless hacks by slouches and imbecilic system admins.
You can always tell a unix weenie by their sloppiness, greediness,
 laziness, silliness, and superciliousness. To those unix zombies: If
you must unix, go with POSIX, GNU (HURD), (all right, maybe Linux too).

Youngsters: Ironically, GNU stands for Gnu's Not Unix. At least, there are some
groups in the unix community who actually care about quality and design.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Ok, newbies, read up:

* an inkling on how unix suck mountains

* a morsel on why unix suck mountains (read the preamble section)

* the GNU foundation, without which, unix don't have a nano-dick.

* And thanks to Apple, whose thinking run diametrically opposite of
unix communities: moving the computing world forward.

Paul and Vicki and the rest unix weenies:

  "wipe your glosses with knowledge"
      --James Joyce

Ha ha ha. Take my manners seriously.


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