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Re: [MacPerl] Modify folder sort order settings?

I believe the information is stored in the hidden Desktop information file
on the CD volume; you cannot change the default that is read in when the
CD is mounted, any View information is bit-bucketted when the CD is
commandr-Y dismounted (or dragged to trash) or the Mac it was mounted on is

I suspect that one might open each folder and change the View method
using MacPerl to follow the directory structure,
then sending appropriate Apple Events to the Finder; however, the Apple
Events part is beyond my area of interest and knowledge and I imagine
it would be rather _SLOW_.  Ugh.

Otherwise, since this information is kept up-to-date by Finder
(as far as I know, not the MacOS), you might operate on the
in-memory image of Finder to change the appropriate control structure
entries, but that is likewise beyond my area of interest and knowledge
and would be a fragile solution -- not transportable to other
version of Finder.  (Something not to be attempted any sane person
or even any insane person with any sort of life.)  ;}

At 11:50 AM 05/31/1999, Kevin van Haaren wrote:
>I sent out a CD that had a couple of hundred folders in it.  Some of the
>folders would open sorted by Date Modified, others by name.  Is there a way
>in MacPerl I can change the default settings used by the window when the
>folder is double-clicked on?  This is after the window has been opened by
>someone else, the sort order changed and then closed (so it won't inherit
>from the enclosing window).
>Thanks -

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