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[MacPerl] MacPerl Banner Sites (update)

Thanks to Altavista's search engine:


we are now listing twice as many "Banner Sites" (pages that display
the MacPerl banner) as before:


This still only comes to about two dozen entries, however, so...

If your site displays the MacPerl banner, please send us the URL,
so we can add it to our list.

Otherwise, please consider putting the MacPerl banner on display
_and_ telling us about it!

Rich Morin:          rdm@cfcl.com, +1 650-873-7841, http://www.ptf.com/~rdm
Prime Time Freeware: info@ptf.com, +1 408-433-9662, http://www.ptf.com
MacPerl: http://www.macperl.com,       http://www.ptf.com/ptf/products/MPPE
MkLinux: http://www.mklinux.apple.com, http://www.ptf.com/ptf/products/MKLP

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