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Re(2): [MacPerl] Permissions - Workaround?

At 7:26 AM -0700 6/8/99, Ronald J Kimball said:
>On Mon, Jun 07, 1999 at 11:08:46PM -0700, Patrick Béart wrote:
>> >At 5:56 PM -0700 6/7/99, Peta Adams / John Murray wrote:
>> >I'm using Fetch 2.1.2.
>> >
>> 	To use Fetch to "set permissions" do the following:
>> 1.  Choose "Remote"(menu at top), "Set Upload Permissions..."
>Note that "Set Upload Permissions..." sets the umask for further uploading
>of files.  If you want to set the permissions on files that are already on
>the remote machine, you use the "Set Permissions..." command.

	BTW, "Set Permissions" only appears as an option when a
file/directory is clicked(highlighted).  A minor point, to be sure.

>> 2.  Remember that "Owner" is "4", "Group" is "2", and "Everyone" is "1".
>Huh?  No, "read" is 4, "write" is 2, and "execute" is 1.  "Owner" is the
>left-most digit in the mode, "group" the middle digit, and "everyone" the
>last digit.
>> Therefore, to chmod 755, you check the boxes for "Read" (all checked),
>> "Write" (owner and group, only), and "Search/Execute" (owner and group,
>> only).
>No, that would be a mode of 774.  755 is owner - read, write, execute;
>group - read, execute; everyone - read, execute.

	Sorry, clearly I was in a bit of a "brain-fog" when I went through
my description. Just came out of an all day seminar. Confused "columns"
with "rows".

	Oh, well, back to my lurking hole.   ; )


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