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Re: [MacPerl] MPW - how many use?

John W Baxter, <jwblist@olympus.net> wrote:

>At 12:39 +1000 6/4/99, Peta Adams / John Murray wrote:
>>How many of you use MPW for your Macperl activities?
>MPW is my preferred venue when doing anything "large" with Perl on the Mac
>(and things where command line switches are handy).
>BBEdit 5.1 might change that, but I doubt it.

I'm not currently doing anything with MPW, but I LIVE in BBEdit, with 
easy access to  CodeWarrior, MPW, ToolServer, and MacPerl, plus of course 
the HTML tools.  MPW is there when I need it.

My environment may actually be overkill for what I use it for.


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