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Re: [MacPerl] MPW - how many use?

At 9:50 AM -0700 6/8/99, you wrote:

> John W Baxter, <jwblist@olympus.net> wrote:
> I'm not currently doing anything with MPW, but I LIVE in BBEdit, with
> easy access to  CodeWarrior, MPW, ToolServer, and MacPerl, plus of course
> the HTML tools.  MPW is there when I need it.

For those of us (me) that are still in the dark, could someone summarize
what MPW, ToolServer, and any other associated pieces of software would do
for me? I think I have access to this stuff courtesy of my CodeWarrior CDs,
but have never tried to figure it out.

[Off topic] BTW, how do you have "easy access to  CodeWarrior" from BBEDit?
I tried using BBEdit as my editor for CW files, but it was no longer able
to read CW project files (and MetroWerks confirms that the format of their
project files is no longer documented/available). So I no longer thought in
terms of BBEdit with CW. What am I missing?


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  - Amarante Cordoba, "The Milagro Beanfield War"

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