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[MacPerl] MacPerl in the background


Can MacPerl be run as a background task similar to an Extension?  I know

there is a utility called cron that runs on the Mac.  I am not for sure
if it is up to date or supported at all.  I would like to learn MacPerl
by building a useful project for our company.  We have a fax software
product called 4-Sight Fax.  They built a multi-user, client/server fax
system but didn't bother building a multi-user address book with it.  I
want to build a MacPerl script that will run once a day and sychronize
all of the different address books on everybody's computer.  I will
probably use the Sun machine for the central repository storage while
building the file and then distribute this file after everybody's
individual address books are merged.  One other thing I would like to do

is to take the fax numbers from the Oracle database residing on the Unix

machine and put them in this file as well.

I don't know how to set up a script on one machine and make it go to
every Mac and get the file.  I am not for sure if the Mac or MacPerl
will allow this.  I initially envisioned a script that will reside on
every users computer that will send the data to a central location and
then a script on the central location would merge the data into one
file.  Then this script on every Mac would have another segment that
would copy this file to the local Mac.

Please feel free to clean me up and straighten me out as I am just
starting to do some serious MacPerl-ing.


Robert Pollard

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