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Re: [MacPerl] MacPerl in the background

At 10.45 -0400 1999.06.09, Robert Pollard wrote:
>Can MacPerl be run as a background task similar to an Extension?

Yes, but it takes up a lot of memory.

>I know
>there is a utility called cron that runs on the Mac.  I am not for sure
>if it is up to date or supported at all.

I've used one of the many freeware crons for Mac OS out there, worked fine
for me.

>I don't know how to set up a script on one machine and make it go to
>every Mac and get the file.  I am not for sure if the Mac or MacPerl
>will allow this.  I initially envisioned a script that will reside on
>every users computer that will send the data to a central location and
>then a script on the central location would merge the data into one
>file.  Then this script on every Mac would have another segment that
>would copy this file to the local Mac.

You can use MacPerl to mount AppleShare volumes and copy the data.  You
would probably need a recent Mac OS with the mount volume event built in,
or the old-and-slightly-different MountVolume OSAX.

In Mac::Glue, it is easy.

  #!perl -w
  use Mac::Glue;
  $f = new Mac::Glue 'Finder';
  $f->mount_volume('Orr', as_user_name => 'Pudge',
    on_server => 'Orr', with_password => 'password');

  # do copying stuff

  $f->put_away( $f->obj(disk => 'Orr') );

You can use AppleScript or other forms of Apple events to do the same
thing, too.

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