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Re: [MacPerl] DB Access via TCP

At 11.04 -0400 1999.06.09, Robert Pollard wrote:
>                 "Client libraries for several databases do exist on Mac
>OS, including Oracle
>                 and mSQL. A port of DBIand some DBDs might be coming
>soon. Until then,
>                 there is no easy way with MacPerl to interact with
>database servers on
>                 other machines. (TCP/IP and sockets are, however, a
>possibility ...)"
>I am very interested in pursuing this, since it would benefit me greatly
>to access our Oracle database via MacPerl.  I thought that maybe I could
>have a Perl or shell script that was accessed via TCP/IP and sockets
>which would access the Oracle database, write the results to a file and
>then send the file back or directly transport the data via TCP/IP.

You want to, I think, look into using DBD::Proxy on the Mac and
DBI::ProxyServer on the remote machine.  You create a process on the remote
box that accepts and executes requests from the machine using DBI with
DBD::Proxy.  It should basically work, in theory, though I've never done it.

You will need the MacPerl build of DBI from MacPerl Module Porters.


>Is there another way, that would implement Oracle SQL*Net transport
>layer which is more secure than raw data being transported?

The only way I know of to do this is to get the Oracle libraries for Mac OS
and try to build DBD::Oracle for MacPerl.

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