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[MacPerl] DB Access via TCP

Hello all,

In Chris/Vicki's book "MacPerl: Power and Ease" on page 227 of the
on-line manual (I have the paper version on order as of 05/05/99),
Chris/Vicki made a statement about accessing databases via TCP/IP and

                 "Client libraries for several databases do exist on Mac
OS, including Oracle
                 and mSQL. A port of DBIand some DBDs might be coming
soon. Until then,
                 there is no easy way with MacPerl to interact with
database servers on
                 other machines. (TCP/IP and sockets are, however, a
possibility ...)"

I am very interested in pursuing this, since it would benefit me greatly
to access our Oracle database via MacPerl.  I thought that maybe I could
have a Perl or shell script that was accessed via TCP/IP and sockets
which would access the Oracle database, write the results to a file and
then send the file back or directly transport the data via TCP/IP.

Is there another way, that would implement Oracle SQL*Net transport
layer which is more secure than raw data being transported?

Is the above idea along the lines of being the only current way to do

Thanks for everything!

Robert Pollard

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