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Re: [MacPerl] Syslogs error

At 10:33 AM -0400 6/11/99, Chris Nandor wrote:

} At 9.58 -0400 1999.06.11, Adam Witney wrote:
} >I am trying to use the ProxyServer.pm modules.... i have some info off a
} >DBI list.... but i am coming across another problem which i think maybe mac
} >specific, i am running this script
} Syslog doesn't work on MacPerl.  Here is a workaround that might work (you
} can try it, anyway):

On my ftp site,
<ftp://ftp.clark.net/ftp/pub/schinder/Fixed_Library_Routines/>, there's a
Sys/Syslog.pm that has been patched for MacPerl.  There's also a syslog.ph
there manufactured from a syslog.ph on one of my Unix machines.  While this
Syslog.pm will log to a Unix syslog, I've never tried it under heavy load.
(The only real change was to prevent a fork() when console logging is on,
which it probably never will be under MacPerl.)  In this case, since
there's only one place that logs, Chris' solution is probably best, unless
you really do want to log to a syslog server.

} In pClient.pm, comment out use Sys::Syslog on line 45, then belong the use
} statements add:
}   sub Sys::Syslog::syslog {
}     print STDERR join " ", @_;
}   }
} That should be a good stopgap until we get a working syslog, I think.
} Or maybe just modify Sys::Syslog itself to do that (commenting out the
} require "syslog.ph" line).
} --
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Paul J. Schinder

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