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[MacPerl] unix CGI

Title: unix CGI
Can you all help me with this? I just don't get it.


require "parsehtm.pl";

sub formHandler
 = @_;


    $tagDict{"METHOD"} = "POST";
    $tagDict{"ACTION"} = "form.pl";

    $retVal = &stringForTagDict(%tagDict);

    return $retVal

$handlerDict{"FORM"} = "formHandler";

# UNIX #
# Authors original statement for output to same folder CGI-BIN #
$output = &parseHtml("f2_pl.htm");

# My statements to the folder TEST one level up in the main directory #
$htmdir = "/test";
$htmdir = "../test";
$htmdir = "/cust/home/a/acc5005/public_html/test";

$output = &parseHtml("$htmdir/f2_pl.htm");

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print $output;


When I ececute the script it's supposed to open f2_htm with the parsed data, but all I get is a blank page, form.pl. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wronG?

Thank You.
Ken Towry
Austin, TX