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Re: [MacPerl] UNIX

At 10:56 -0500 6/21/1999, Michael D. Kirkpatrick wrote:
>I do a lot of my programming from home.  At home, I do not have the
>connivance of being able to reach over to the server and clicking quit on
>the CGI.  I would use Timbuktu, but it is buggy with my system.  I am
>looking for an easy way out....  :)

I see. Well, in theory you could kill them by enabling program 
linking and writing an AppleScript that sent a quit to the cgi on the 
server, I guess. Program linking on the server would have to be 
turned on and each individual cgi would have to be selected in the 
Finder and linking allowed (this is an attribute of file sharing). 
I've only done this kind of thing across a LAN, so I don't know how 
it would work out if you were trying it via the internet. 
Alternatively, it appears that you could open up the cgi in ResEdit 
and change the 5 min. to whatever you prefer by editing the time 

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