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Re: [MacPerl] UNIX

>I do a lot of my programming from home.  At home, I do not have the
>connivance of being able to reach over to the server and clicking quit on
>the CGI.  I would use Timbuktu, but it is buggy with my system.  I am
>looking for an easy way out....  :)

You can reduce the time that the CGI stays running down from 5 minutes to 1
minute using ResEdit.  Open the CGI, look for a "time" resource, open that,
then open "Minutes to idle".  You should see the ASCII digits 05.  Change
them to 01 to reduce the idle to 1 minute.  Unfortunately (for you, at
least) changing it to 00 doesn't cause it to quit immediately, but to keep
running forever!  1 minute should be a bit more tolerable than 5 minutes,

(This is documented in "MacPerl, Power and Ease", by the way.  I think
every MacPerl programmer should own this.  Alternatively it is available on
the Web.  Since I own the book, and don't have a URL handy.)

All the usual ResEdit warnings apply, of course; don't ResEdit anything you
can't stand to loose.

-David Steffen-

David Steffen, Ph.D.
President, Biomedical Computing, Inc. <http://www.biomedcomp.com/>
Phone: (713) 610-9770 FAX: (713) 610-9769 E-mail: steffen@biomedcomp.com

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