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Re: [MacPerl] MPW - how many use?

At 5:43 PM -0400 1999-06-08, Jim Correia wrote:
>On 6/8/99 at 12:31 PM, David Emme <demme@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>> [Off topic] BTW, how do you have "easy access to  CodeWarrior" from
>> BBEDit? I tried using BBEdit as my editor for CW files, but it was no
>> longer able to read CW project files (and MetroWerks confirms that the
>> format of their project files is no longer documented/available). So I
>> no longer thought in terms of BBEdit with CW. What am I missing?
>You can no longer browse or search CW project files from within BBEdit,
>but the rest of the integration continues to work fine.  I use it daily.
>I never edit source with the CW IDE Editor.

I used to use BBEdit instead of CW's editor; now I use BBEdit instead of
MPW's editor. :-)  I still use Metrowerks' compilers -- I just got tired of
their IDE and proprietary project file format that kept changing.

I've been writing Perl scripts to manage my C++ development in MPW.  I have
automatically updating dependencies for dmake (never touched Apple's Make),
but I plan to replace that with Perl scripts as well.  I'll probably set up
ToolServer one of these days so I can compile within using Perl instead of
MPWsh (pronounced 'impish'), :-) and eventually I'll replace MPW with my
own front-end.  Blessed is he who builds his own tools (for obvious

At work, I've written a utility that will accept command-line options or
query with dialog boxes as appropriate.  I initially used MPW to develop
it, but it's deployed (and maintained) as a droplet (which is good because
it takes a file as an argument).

For truly hard-core Perl work (like writing my own MUSH) I use perl on my
Linux box.


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