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Re: [MacPerl] OT: Printing Many Files

At 13:53 -0500 6/24/99, Jefferson R. Lowrey wrote:
>>This is with MacOS 8.5 BTW -- I'm not sure what the state of affairs is
>>with earlier verions of AppleScript.
>I wouldn't know either.  I'm running a later version of AppleScript, under

AppleScript has little to do with it...the application sees the print Apple
event, whether generated by AppleScript or by the Finder (which--at least
in the last version where I cared enough to track--gets the event sent by
creating it, coercing it to the oddball application parameters type of
AEDesc, and passing that to the _LaunchApplication() call in the parameter
block...it's actually Process Manager which sends it (after coercing it
back to an Apple event descriptor).

Quick sample:  SimpleText and AppleWorks do put up dialogs; BBEdit does
not.  All three quit when finished (an Apple recommendation which is also
up to the app, as is whether to bother opening (a) window(s) showing the

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