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Re: [MacPerl] OT: Printing Many Files

Jeff Lowrey writes 25 June 1999:

>Ahh.  Got it figured out now.  It's specific to BBEdit.  BBEdit *will*
>print without putting up a dialog box - but many many other things will
>not.  So, for the specific question, you're correct.  For the more general
>case, it's not safe to assume.  But - that's the general case anyway "It's
>not safe to assume" :-)

Quite right. You're right too -- the general case _is_ the case. I should
have looked at more applications. MPW behaves like BBEdit I see, but Alpha
doesn't, neither does SimpleText.

One positive thing that emerges from all this is that with MacPerl you
could always go through a folder and, if a file was type TEXT, change the
creator to 'R*ch' temporarily, send it to AS for printing and restore it
afterwards. I'm not sure how you would control the flow -- can you get a
signal back from AS that printing is done I wonder?

Many thanks to John Baxter for his explanation of what actually goes on
under the hood which I have filed away for future reference.

Alan Fry

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