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[OT] Re: [MacPerl] Quick Question

"Michael D. Kirkpatrick" wrote:
> I realize that this may not be the place to post this question, but
> hopefully one of you may be able to point me in the right direction...

Yeah - this is OT - but it does give me a question I can answer! : )

> I have created over 100 pages through the usage of perl.  Anyway, it is
> a series of pages that are all linked together to show pictures.  I am
> trying to put a pull down menu on the page that has the full list of
> images and the value of each entry is the name of the associated page.
> I am trying to get it so that when you select an item in the pull down
> menu, it will take you to that page.  I have found code that will do it
> for radial buttons, but I can not find anything for pull down menus.  I
> do not wish to have a submit button and would like it to go to that page
> when an item is selected.  Is it possible to have it set up in straight
> html and not through perl to go there.  I have compiled this to run on
> all computers without perl capabilities.  That way, I can compile a CD
> and ship it out.  The only solution that I can think of is Java-Script.
> If anyone knows of a solution or where I can find it, please let me
> know.

Here's the basic way to do this - very simple code, really just include
the url in the VALUE part of each <OPTION> tag and use an OnChange event
in the <SELECT> itself.


Note - this works in any JavaScript aware browser EXCEPT MSIE 3 for the
Macintosh - which will not respond to the event. Otherwise, Netscape 2
to 4+ do it and MSIE 3+/PC do it, and MSIE 4+/Mac do it.


P.S.: Is "MacPerl, power and ease the first best place to get into
MacPerl?" my Perl experience is troubleshooting and adapting scripts on
*nix boxes.

P.P.S: While we're off topic - anybody on the list playing with PHP?
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